Great Gifts Needn’t Be Overly Expensive

Queen Copper Rose (picture from LaForge Weapons on Etsy)

Queen Copper Rose (picture from LaForge Weapons on Etsy)

Have you ever received a unique gift?  The Hub and I have a pretty low budget for gift buying…at this point in our lives we don’t need a lot of stuff.  And if there’s something we really want, we buy it.  So when holidays roll around that involve giving a present, a low limit forces some creativity.  Not that we don’t splurge a bit now and then, but for the most part we stick to it.

As one of the thousands of couples who married on 07/07/07, this year we celebrated our 7th anniversary.  I got him the ever-practical golf balls and a DVD of one of our favorite movies accompanied by a personally made card.  Stayed under budget, a little romantic, but overall no-nonsense just like him.  Good.

Now, the Hub has gotten pretty creative at finding little things on the internet that fit the criteria, but this year he really outdid himself.  When I opened the card he made me, I found a shiny 2007 penny taped inside.  Aw, adorable, right?  He said he was lucky, like a lucky penny I figured, loved it.  But then he told me that the seventh anniversary is the copper anniversary, hence the penny.  Hmm, interesting.  And then I opened my gift.  I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I removed a beautiful pure copper rose that was hand-made just for me.  The details were unbelievable, right down to the leaves and tiny thorns.  Curses, out-romanced by my better half yet again.

He told me I’d have to go on Etsy and give a review to LaForge Weapons where he had it crafted.  Etsy?  How does he even know what that is?  I’m tellin’ ya, people, the Hub is always full of surprises.  But one thing is for sure, great gifts do not have to be expensive gifts.  I’ll cherish that copper rose forever, and I’ll never forget the story that goes along with it.


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