OMG, I Joined a Gym


I know, I know, I said I would never do it.  But I joined a gym.  It’s really the Caboose’s fault if you want to know the truth.  She had to join a gym when we moved because there was no YMCA here.  When the letter came in the mail offering a free month at Anytime Fitness for both of us, she knew she had me.

I was pretty agreeable about the idea.  Actually, I was excited to get back to doing something good for me.  I spent the last seven years as a runner, training from one race to the other.  My weight fluctuated with my efforts, but my legs held up for the most part.  I’ll admit it, whenever I ran past one of those little boxes of fitness, I felt somewhat smug.  After all, I was really exercising, I was running. They were chatting and watching TV on treadmills.  Yawn.

But then we started getting into a routine at our gym.  It was fun that we got to do it together, and the Caboose was a patient trainer in teaching me new stuff.  And we discovered Zumba!  Thankfully there are no mirrors in the classroom.  Let’s just say I am less than coordinated and leave it at that.  But we had a blast and laughed a ton.  Surely that was extra good for abs, right?

And then the free month began to come to a close.  With just a few days left the reality set in.  I was loving this, and now it was almost done.  Then the light bulb went off…insurance, they’ll pay over half my fee!  I can still go to Anytime anytime I want and attend any class I want for less than five bucks a week.  Now that is a deal I’m glad I took.  And I would recommend them…Anytime!


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