Goodbye Summer, Hello Muse

A Lone Leaf

My muse took the summer off. She’s kind of a selfish B like that. She doesn’t care how long I stare at that blank page; she’s off having a good time.

I started to wonder why she left. Then I realized what the pace has been like the last few months. Since I’m back in a full-time corporate job, my writing time has taken a severe hit. It’s been catch-as-catch-can whenever a moment presents itself. And with an increased freelance load, it’s no wonder my muse ran away with my imagination.

But now that it’s the last full week of unofficial summer, I decided to take a few minutes for myself. I grabbed a beer and my trusty rocking lawn chair and planted myself down in the driveway. Wow, it’s hot. Good thing the beer’s cold.

Facing west into the last few hours of sunlight, I close my eyes and lay my head back. The hum of the sprinklers mixes nicely with the chorus of frogs and crickets. Occasionally the wind blows through the leaves, like an addition of a soft snare drum to the band.

In the distance I can hear a mother calling her children in for supper as the smell of fresh laundry wafts on  a breeze. I take a deep breath before opening my eyes—not wanting to lose that feeling. I take a drink of my beer and see the neighbors’ dog, panting in the heat. It almost seems like I can see the sun dropping in the cloudless sky. I take another gulp and close my eyes again. The sun feels good on my bones.

Secretly I long for fall and winter, the slower pace and cooler weather are much more my style. But here, in this moment, my thoughts run wild. The sun feels good, and the beer is cold. I guess I’ll kind of miss you, summer.


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