Confessions of a Tired Writer

Write the BookI never thought it would happen to me; but here I am, struggling to find time to write.  I’ve always been the one championing making the calendar; block out the times for xyz, and then look at all the time you’ve got left over! 

Well guess what, there isn’t much left over.

Now that I’ve gone back to work full time, I find that everything else in my life is getting squeezed out.  Some things are getting dropped all together.  But I am still working as a freelancer, and I think that’s what keeps me sane.

I wrote a book last November.  After a half-hearted try a couple years ago, this one is actually pretty damn good.  However, it’s sitting untouched in my computer, just begging to be edited and published.  I know I could get it done, and I think it would actually sell a few copies.

But I am tired.

I know, I know, we’re all tired, right?  Maybe it’s that time of year—winter just won’t let spring take over.  Even as I write this snow is falling on the April lawns that are trying to turn green.  And my “j-o-b” has taken nearly all of my day.  Between the commute, the hours, and then coming home to cook and clean up, all that’s left is an hour or two before bed.  And at that point my brain is fried.  I cannot bear the thought of turning on a computer.

I’m in a writing funk.

But then the texts came a couple days ago.  Requests for one article, then three articles, and then two more.  Six pieces with deadlines.  Suddenly I’m awake.  I know what needs to be done, and by what date.  I’m working in the car as I ride shotgun, making calls and taking notes.  I have interviews set up for this weekend.  I will be writing.  I will be editing.  I will make the time.

Maybe that’s the secret.  I need to make my writing a priority again.  Blocking out the time, even if it’s only on weekends.  Writing little notes to myself on Post-its or napkins in the lunch room, ideas on the notepad in my phone, whatever it takes.  I need to snap out of it.

Because a writer writes.  Always.  It’s gotta be true; it was in a movie.


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  2. Thank you. I’m so familiar with that feeling! I write on a book before work, and I try to blog a little in the evenings. Sometimes I can find a few minutes at work during the day, if things get slow. Weekends I might be able to polish something and get it out. But jobs are so much work! LOL


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