Those Other Three Words

Sliders(Previously posted)

So the Hub and I got invited to a Super Bowl party this year and I’m so excited.  Now, it’s not like we’re trolls who never get invited to parties, but this invitation came with three of my favorite words, “Pot Luck Supper.”  Oh…my…gosh, POT LUCK!

Before you nominate me for geek hall of fame, let me just tell you a few things.  First, I was raised on a farm; daughter of a couple of farm kids.  We came from up north where pot lucks and hot dish were as common as snow in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  And I’m Lutheran.  Seriously, it’s like pot lucks were woven into my DNA before birth.  I never stood a chance.

The Hub doesn’t share in my enthusiasm.  He does enjoy cooking, but if it were up to him we’d just stop at the convenience store and grab some chips and salsa on the way there and call it a day.  Not me.  As soon as the invitation is received I’m consulting cook books, checking my computer’s recipe folder, and perusing my old-timey recipe box for just the right dish.  It’s not just willy nilly.  There has to be some thought to my dish.  Who’s the crowd?  What else do I think will be there?  Main dish, dessert, or appetizer?  See, it’s a lot to deal with.

I finally settled on a dish that’s one of my favorites.  It’s kind of an amalgamation of a couple recipes I like, cocktail meatballs crossed with sliders and sloppy joes.  I call it Sweet and Sour Sliders.  I’ve made it a few times with great success.  I’ll pass along the recipe, just in case you need to add a secret weapon to your collection.  Then when you get to hear those three little words, “Pot Luck Supper,” or “Dish to Share,” or even “App to Pass” you’ll be ready.  Eat lots and talk loud, my fearless football friends!

Sweet and Sour Sliders

3 pounds ground beef

1 egg, beaten

½ C fine bread crumbs

1 T garlic powder

1 T onion powder

Salt and pepper to taste


In a large bowl mix the ingredients, adding salt and pepper to taste, until combined.  Divide meat into 24 balls.  Put the meatballs on a half sheet pan and flatten gently.  Bake at 350° for about 25 minutes or until they’re as done as you prefer.


While burgers are cooking, mix:

1 C ketchup

2 T sugar

1 T vinegar

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 T mustard

1 onion sliced very thin

1 green pepper sliced very thin (optional)

Remove burgers from the oven and place in a large Crockpot.  Pour the sauce and onions (green pepper if you’re using) over the top and cover.  Heat on low for several hours before serving on Hawaiian dinner rolls.


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