Girls can be Gearheads, too!

Girl Gearhead

Now that the Caboose has bought her very own vehicle, she’s getting a first hand taste of the reality of ownership.  Last week she and the Hub had to work on something to do with brakes…or calipers…I don’t know, I’m definitely not mechanical.  Usually when something breaks down I think about what Andy Griffith suggested to Aunt Bea, “Call The Man.”

But apparently the Caboose is following in a long line of gearheads.  Last fall she helped change the brakes on Big Frieda, our F150.  She is just an itty bitty thing, so she had some difficulty manuevering the tires.  In her defense, they are huge, but she stuck it out like a trooper.  Naturally when she started having issues with her first ever vehicle, the team of Hub/Caboose rode again.  They jumped into action, made numerous trips to the auto parts store, and rescued Vincent the Jeep from sticking calipers and smoking brakes.  Or something of that nature.

I think it’s great that she’s got an aptitude for mechanics.  She already owns (and reads!) mechanics’ manuals.  And as mama, it makes me smile to see them working together on our vehicles.  It’s also wonderful to know that if/when she has to take a vehicle into a shop, she won’t be at the mercy of an unscrupulous mechanic who may try to buffalo her into something she doesn’t need.  I sometimes wish I had her car smarts.  But let’s be honest, if the Hub’s not here, I’m just callin’ The Man.


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