Happy Birthday, America!

Fireworks Show

Ah, Fourth of July weekend, the magical time of summer.  The kids are running around trying to squeeze all of their technology into their bags before leaving town.  I’m cooking and baking like a madman to get ready for a four day weekend.  Dad’s polishing up his golf clubs.  And the dog is just trying to maintain his composure through all the ruckus.

FW 2



Now, I’m not going to lecture you about what the holiday should really mean or what you should include in your celebrations.  To me that is a kind of personal thing.  Yes, it’s the celebration of our country, her birthday if you will.  But I think it’s about a lot more.







FW 3


During this time I like to think about my past Fourths.  I remember back to summers at my grandma’s in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the U.P. (or “Da Yoop” if you’re local).  We’d pile into the car or box of a truck to go watch the fireworks show.  We ran in crazy trajectories around the yard with sparklers or watched snakes curling on the sidewalk, leaving an unfortunate black stain on the concrete when they finally sputtered to a stop.  We ate hot dogs and chips, and if we were good, ice cream cones at night.  It was simple.  It was fun.



FW 4

Life seems more complicated these days.  I don’t think people take enough time away from electronics to just be in the moment.  I’m afraid life’s passing my children by sometimes, unbeknownst to them.  So this year my only request for how you celebrate is to be present.  Whatever you’re doing, whomever you’re with, focus on being there.  Eat some ice cream.  Light a sparkler.  And don’t forget to ooh and ahh over the fireworks, they really can be impressive.

Happy Independence Day!


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