7 Tips to Personalize Your Wedding

Aria, MPLS Warehouse District

We attended a wedding last weekend for our friends’ son.  It was at Aria in the Minneapolis warehouse district and it was beautiful.  The venue was a great historic building with a brick façade that was complemented by a host of sparkling chandeliers hanging from stories-high ceilings.  The bride, Alyssa, had her brother officiate and I’ll admit, I pretty much bawled through the whole thing.  Yes, I am one of those people.

This summer The Hub and I will celebrate the seventh anniversary of our 07/07/07 wedding.  I have to say, it really was a hoot!  It was unbearably hot (over a hundred degrees), so we were barefoot on a beach in Breezy Point, Minnesota. We rode off in a “Just Married” golf cart and had a golf scramble with our guests.  Then we barbecued and danced the night away with an Elvis impersonator at the clubhouse.  That’s right, Elvis.  Clearly we’re not hung-up on tradition.

So in the spirit of love and the lucky number seven, here are seven ideas to help personalize your big day:

  1. Put a line for a song request on your RSVP. Make them promise to dance if you play it.
  2. Instead of unpredictable small children, use your grandmas as flower girls!
  3. Have a display of wedding day photos from your parents and grandparents on a board or in matching frames.
  4. Before the big day, have the bride and groom write letters to each other. Privately before the ceremony, have them stand side by side (separated by a divider or curtain to hide the bride) as they read them simultaneously—what an amazing photo op!
  5. Make a coloring book and put crayons on the tables for kids and grown-ups to complete a keepsake book for the happy couple. Great way to keep kids busy.
  6. Instead of just signing a guestbook, have people leave a memory or piece of advice for the future.
  7. By all means, keep the food coming! Whether it’s a food truck, pizzas, or a snack bar, if guests are hanging around and having a good time, there’s probably a need for some extra calories! Bring out the goodies a couple of hours before you end the party. (My friend, Christine, gets huge bonus points for last weekend!)

There you have it.  I’m kind of a sap when it comes to love and weddings, but I just want everyone to be as happy as we are.  Thanks to the creativity of Matt and Alyssa, it was a lot of fun last weekend.  Aria is beautiful and so was the bride.  And remember, sometimes it takes a while to find the right person.  But when you do, hold on tight and celebrate your own way.  Or with Elvis.  Either way, welcome to wedding season!



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