Reach Out For Help, Please


It has been a terrible week in the Musings household; we suffered the loss of a young and promising life. So this week, instead of a pithy column packed with witticism and opinion, I am making a plea to you, dear readers. If you or someone you know are suffering with depression, please, please, please seek help.

Whether or not you believe it, there are so many people out there who care. They will help you. Please, don’t take a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And understand, no matter what is going on, it is a temporary problem. Whatever difficulty you are travelling through, you can get through it. You just need to get to someone, talk it out, and let them help you. There is always someone to help. In the U.S., you can call 1-800-suicide or online at

Suicide is always a tragedy. No matter what you think people will say or feel about you, no one will be better off if you’re gone. No one. There will be only devastation. Please, if you are depressed or having difficulty coping, reach out for help.


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