Rooting Phones with Sheldon Cooper

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Over the last month or so my husband, Mike, has been researching rooting our phones. We have some of the first 4G phones that came out and they’ve been subject to “automatic upgrades” from our provider. If you’re like me and have no idea what he’s talking about, that means stuff is getting put on our phones that makes it slower, restricting the speed at which we can surf and message.

Last night, while innocently watching one of my favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory, my husband finally arrived at a conclusion I had made long ago. If you’re familiar with the show, the character of Sheldon is extremely methodical, quirky, and anal about researching anything that requires change. In this episode Sheldon was trying to decide between two gaming systems. And that was when it happened. It was almost as if I could see the light over Mike’s head as the bulb switched on and he uttered, “Oh my God, I am Sheldon.”

I laughed so hard I couldn’t speak. You know, it was one of those deals where your shoulders shake violently as you gasp for air. I looked at Mike from behind teary eyes. It’s true, he is Sheldon. While researching rooting phones, he found himself in all kinds of chat rooms, tech conversations, and inquiry sites. He spent days (I am not exaggerating, DAYS) holed-up in the office researching the process. But he did it. He stripped out everything and rebuilt a phone that he wanted. And it is lightning fast. Seriously.

But now comes the problem; he is dying to get his hands on my phone. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing; after all, he has completed a mountain of research and constructed his own ‘how to’ manual. But I see him switching and changing things on his phone, constantly tweaking and improving it. How would I ever go without my phone if something goes wrong?! I guess I’ll just have to trust him. It’s like Sheldon says; if he was wrong, surely he would know it.


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