An Appeal to Dog Owners

Fritz on the rug

It was a rather traumatic week in our household. Tuesday we were up at my Mother’s house in Superior, Wisconsin. That afternoon I took our Miniature Schnauzer, Fritz, out for a walk. It was a bit brisk, but a nice enough day nonetheless. All of a sudden a roughly hundred pound Husky began barking and growling in between houses as we passed. Fritz was silent. I saw a woman trying to restrain her, but the dog was going crazy, standing on her hind legs fighting to get away. And then she did.

Fritz Tanning

If you’ve ever seen the Coen brothers’ movie The Big Lebowski, you’re familiar with The Dude, Jeff Bridges’ character. We often refer to Fritz as “The Dude”. He’s very laid back on our walks, never barking at other dogs no matter how much of a ruckus they’re making. So when this enraged dog sprung over the snow bank at us, The Dude stopped and prepared for the usual game of you-sniff-me-then-I’ll-sniff-you. But that wasn’t what she had in mind.

Fritz and Cookie

Nana, which I quickly found out was the dog’s name, went off, grabbing Fritz by the neck and throwing him down. The woman kept yelling at me, “Pull her off, she’s gonna kill him!” But I wasn’t about to stick my limbs in front of the wild dog who looked like she knew what she was doing. It seemed to go on forever until I was able to yank the leash and pull him away. Nana ran off down the street.

  Cookie Snuggling Fritz

I picked up Fritz and checked him over. Other than the bleeding front leg he seemed okay. We headed toward Mom’s house. Our walk, so rudely interrupted, had turned into a nightmare.

Fritz Close Up

Fritz has always been a loving and social dog to people and other animals. To watch this brutal attack was a horrific experience that I hope to never see again. So I have a request not just to Nana’s owners, but to all dog owners: Don’t buy more dog than you can handle. If you don’t have the space for a dog or the upper body strength required to hold the leash, it’s probably not the breed for you. And for everyone’s sake, train and socialize your dogs. The Dude abides.

Fritz Boating


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Charles LaGesse on March 28, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    Your post was sent to my attention. I’m so glad that Fritz wasn’t seriously hurt. We take such issues seriously and expect every dog owner to control their pet. It seems that the owner of Nana knew her dog was dog aggressive and tried to prevent this attack from occurring, but I’d like to have our Animal Control Officer look into the situation further. Please contact me to share details on location, date, time, etc.

    Chuck LaGesse
    Chief of Police
    Superior Police Department


  2. Glad Fritz wasn’t more seriously injured. As a schnauzer owner and general animal lover I agree with your comments.


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