That Internet Thing Just Might Catch On

Facebook Bad Grammar

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they’d like to put the past behind them and forget about all those crazy things they did in the past.  But can that happen in an internet-obsessed world?  Oh sure, you may be able to forget it, possibly even get your friends and relatives to let it go and stop reminding you of “That one time”, but remember, it’s online forever.

I learned back in Mr. Tucker’s seventh grade math class that you should never put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see.  There are some politicians that should have had Mr. Tucker.  Or take for example Kelly Blazek, the woman in charge of a Cleveland Job Bank and the “Communicator of the Year” in her city.  When a young woman who was moving to Cleveland reached out to her on the professional site LinkedIn, she sent back a scathing denial that has gone viral.  Sounds more like a bad communicator, yikes.

Browser History

And don’t even get me started on Facebook.  My biggest FB pet peeve has to be the cryptic post for attention.  Girls, if you want attention, do something good.  Don’t brag about it, the word will get out.  When I read, “Why can’t I just be _________” as a status, I cringe.  Don’t go fishing for compliments, you may not get any.  And don’t think just because you took down that incriminating post/picture that it’s gone forever; nothing is permanently deleted…nothing. 

I have, however, come up with five things that can help you navigate social media:

  • People cannot read tone of voice.  If it can be misconstrued, it probably will be!
  • Do not confuse social networks—some are social, some are professional.
  • Be knowledgeable but don’t abuse any power you may have in your posts.
  • Keep your private life private.  Or don’t be surprised when things go viral.
  • Your posts ARE your online personality.  Funny…Mean…Creeper…etc.

 Facebook Creeper

You don’t need to be afraid of the internet.  After all, it’s not going away.  In fact, I laughed when I saw that my friend will list her personal cell number on social media, but you need to private message her for her email.  Yes, that is what we’ve come to.  And a final thought on social media, there’s a meme about being glad to be over forty because we did all of our foolish stuff before the internet.  I have two words for you…Throwback Thursday. 


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