Mental Spring Cleaning



Since we’ve moved to a new town, I find myself frequently at crossroads.  The latest is a stumbling block on a book I’m writing.  It’s about a friend of mine and her life and times with a famous husband.  You would think the words would fly onto the page, so many stories of their great and exciting life.  But instead I stare.  The blank pages taunt me.  Pencils are sharpened for notes, except no notes need to be written down.  I am stumped.

Plot Options

But then this week I had the opportunity to have lunch with that friend and the rest of our manuscript club.  It was a late Christmas party—Christmas in March, the necessity of rescheduling due to Minnesota winters.  It was so great to see the group and talk.  I gave my friend the first few pages of the book to look over.  I was a little nervous whether or not she’d like the direction things were taking.  She did.  In fact, she called me later that night to chat further.


Then I got an email from another member.  She was so supportive and encouraging.  It was exactly what I needed.  After reading the email, I strapped on my sneaks and hit the pavement.  Running outside is always a great way to shake out the cobwebs in my brain and poke my muse into action.  It was a little brisk into the wind at first, but then I hit my stride.  I felt like I could run forever.

Now, I realize this may sound corny, but when I saw a big eagle fly overhead it was as if a switch had been turned on.  The words, this story, it had been in me all the time.  Over the winter, moving to a new city, I had suppressed my muse.  More likely gagged her with duct tape.  I had convinced myself that I was having trouble writing because I wasn’t in my old spot, hadn’t found a new niche in which I could write.  But that was not true.  I just needed to shake out the dust and (literally) hit the ground running.



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