Tripping Toward Springtime


Beers on the Deck, Canal Park

Well here we are, getting dumped on again by another major winter storm.  I guess we shouldn’t complain; after all, we live in Minnesota.  But this time of year I usually find myself beginning to think about springtime.  It was moderately warm, I went for a few runs outside, and then the heavens opened with freezing rain and snow.  Sigh.  So, to lift my spirits, I am sharing a few of my favorite warmer-weather spots. Enjoy!

Lake Superior

The first picture was sitting on the deck at a restaurant in Duluth’s Canal Park.  I love to watch the waves of Lake Superior, and the fury they can unleash.  Here’s a mild sample of that in this picture.

John Lake Edward

This one was taken at one of my all time prized locations with my late father in law.  A great place with a great man.  This was at the family cabin on Lake Edward in central Minnesota’s Brainerd Lakes area.  The beautiful sunsets make for very picturesque evening pontoon rides.

Hawaiian Lagoon

A few years back the Hub and I were lucky enough to take a work trip to Hawaii.  This was the view from our balcony.    Not a bad place to have your morning coffee, huh?  We actually got to swim and frolic in this lagoon.  Yes, it was amazing.

Bridge over Jungle Water!

Two years ago we took a trip with some friends to Puerto Rico.  I never thought much about traveling there before that trip, but I sure am glad we went.  Our resort was in a nature preserve and we got to watch lizards and turtles from our balcony.  That was very cool!  And one day we hiked up El Yunque Rain Forest. If you ever get there, I highly recommend this experience and Old San Juan.  Seriously, you won’t be sorry!

Patio Swing

This last one is a bit tongue-in-cheek.  It is a picture of my swing.  Obviously I like to kick back, remove my shoes and socks, and get comfy.  It is one of my favorite places in the world to write.  Or read.  Or nap.  Or just watch the world pass by overhead.  I just hope I can visit here again.  Soon.


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