Waiting for Winter


Ben Wyoming

When you live in a state that has winter for almost half of the year, it’s not hard to understand why we produce a lot of winter athletes.  In fact, Minnesota has the second highest number of athletes at the Sochi Olympics, beaten only by California.  Which seems a bit odd, but that’s another story all together I guess.  When you have this many months of snow and cold, the way I see it, you have two choices; embrace it, or become that whining complainer no one wants to be around.

Breezy in the Rough

In our family I’d say we opt to embrace winter and all it has to offer.  Whether it’s participating in activities or just watching, I can honestly say I prefer to do it in colder weather.  Yes, I am a true northern girl.  In fact, our kids are literally giddy when the snow finally stays on the ground and they are sad to see it melt.  I’m not that hard-core, I do enjoy springtime.  But that can be my little secret.  It’s just the heat of summer that kills me.


And living in Minnesota, AKA The State of Hockey, it’s not hard to see why we produce so many hockey players.  We play it year-round as soon as we can stand on skates.  Even people from other states travel here to play.  Yeah, I guess that makes us kind of a big deal.  So it’s no wonder that we’ll be waking up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to watch the United States play Russia.  This is what we’ve been waiting for.  We’re making a party out of it.  And if the puck drops at O’Dark Hundred, well, so be it, we’ll still be watching.  I guess that just means there’ll be more daylight for other outdoor winter activities.

Ben and Corissa


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