FoodSaver® is a Lifesaver


I don’t normally do product endorsements on my blog, because that’s not really my bag.  But I feel it’s necessary to share my feelings about our new FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system.  We are on our second unit, so we have quite a bit of experience with these machines.  We knew our old one was dying, so we had been researching models and watching sales.  This new one is top of the line; what a deal we got!  If you think you don’t want one, here are some compelling thoughts:

  • The company estimates a family of three that buys in bulk and uses a vacuum sealing system saves nearly $2000 annually.
  • If you are a camper, outdoorsman, or hiker you can seal a change of clothes, maps, camera, phone, etc. to take with you.
  • Like nuts but hate the high off-season prices?  Buy them in bulk when they’re cheapest, seal them, and freeze them for up to a year.  That way the oils in them won’t go rancid.  To freshen them up after thawing, pop them in the microwave for a minute or a 350° oven for ten minutes.



FreezerReally want to save time and money?  Plan a “market day”.  I used to do this when I traveled a lot for work, and it probably saved my sanity…or most of it.

*Work out a rough menu for 2-4 weeks.  It’s not that hard, just think of what you like to eat and how often you want to eat it in that time period.

*Make a master shopping list of things you can buy in advance (most things except stuff like eggs and milk that have short shelf lives) and go shopping.  Buy on sale and in bulk when possible.

*Package things together, seal them, and freeze them.  Put a couple packs of stir-fry veggies together.  Blanche and/or freeze smaller portions of vegetables for side dishes.  Cut up large pieces of meat or separate bulk chops, chicken breasts, ribs, etc. into meal-size portions.  Add a marinade or seasoning if you like, vacuum pack, and freeze.  This is awesome for tossing in the slow cooker before work.

*Cook with the traditional onions, garlic, and peppers a lot?  Clean, chop, vacuum, and freeze them for quick addition to work-night meals.

*And don’t forget about things like soup, spaghetti sauce, or left-over meals.  This is a great way to save money on lunches.  I suggest flash-freezing things firm before vacuum sealing, but that is just me.

*Like to take salads to work?  Portion out a week’s worth, gently vacuum them, and refrigerate until you need them.

*Big smoothie maker?  Package your fruit and other ingredients together before freezing.  Add liquid or yogurt and blend.  Easy peasy.

*After a market day I like to order pizza for dinner.  Why not?  I earned it!

I would love to hear others’ experiences with the FoodSaver® system.  Do you really put it to use or is it an occasional friend?





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