Just no Substitute for News


When we were living in Duluth I got my newspaper every day.  I sometimes waited for it, pacing impatiently as the sun was coming up and my coffee cooled down.  But now that we have moved to a small town with no daily paper, I’m kind of in withdrawal.  I know I could get one from nearby Minneapolis or Saint Paul, but I don’t live in the metro and it’s just too “Big City” for me.  So now, I am a documentary junkie.

We don’t have cable/satellite TV, and typically don’t spend much time as viewers.  However, with Netflix and a whole category called Cerebral Documentaries, I’m finding myself in front of the television a little more frequently to fill the educational void.  One of my top five was about the whole pink culture surrounding the breast cancer research industry.  The gist of the story is that only a minute portion of the donations raised go to actual research, the bulk of the money goes to salaries and overhead.  Wow.

If I had to recommend just one, it would have to be American Addict.  This is a ninety minute show that every U.S. citizen should watch.  It is an enlightening look at how big pharmaceutical companies in this country have taken over; yes, the inmates are running the asylum.  They have taken over the majority of funding for the FDA, numerous campaigns, hospitals, and many educational institutions.  In fact, in the 2008 elections, the top two recipients of pharmaceutical company donations (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) were given over $1.7 million.  Hmm, who’s driving health care?

If you think it’s all a little too “conspiracy theory”, think about it.  People (very attractive and heavily recruited marketers) go to doctors to teach them about new drugs made by their Big Pharma employers.  The doctors prescribe these drugs, making more profit for the company and earning fees for themselves.  Drug companies are repurposing medications to remedy complaints previously unmentioned in their clinical trials or making up new illnesses all together.  Without proper testing and prescribing these medications for such complaints, the doctors are guilty of the illegal process of off-labeling and furthering the pill mill.

My husband jokingly refers to me as The Duchess of Documentaries.  That’s okay, I’m a big girl and I can take it.  I don’t buy it all hook, line, and sinker; however it makes me think.  But I still miss my newspaper.


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