Noisemakers, Headwear, and Leis…Oh, My!

Party Poppers

It’s true what they say; the older you get, the faster time flies by.  It seems like we were just relaxing in summer’s heat and now it’s nearly New Year’s Eve.  I was thinking back to what that holiday was like when I was a kid.  Many of you who grew up in smaller communities probably have similar recollections.

My parents would eat supper with us, spending the time at the table to reinforce the rules of the evening.  Yes, we would be unsupervised.  No, we could not kill each other.  There would be no drinking of alcohol by any of us, or any friends we were allowed to have over.  We could watch TV until the ball dropped, and then off to bed immediately.  Sound familiar?

With a variety of ages of children, we didn’t need to hire a sitter.  My parents trusted that we would follow the rules, having been clearly familiarized with the outcome should we decide to go a different route.  We got to have popcorn and treats, and drink soda.  Soda!  Can you imagine?  I knew at a young age this holiday must be a big deal.

In the morning I would race down the stairs and see if mother remembered to bring me home goodies.  You know the stuff: plastic leis, crowns/hats/tiaras, noisemakers, or maybe if you were real lucky, the poppers with streamers tucked inside.  If only such inexpensive trinkets now brought such excitement.  I never understood why my dad would get so angry when we blew the horns when we found them.  Ah, the agony of defeat.  This would be followed by a new set of rules pertaining to when and where the noisemakers could be used.

My goal this year is to see midnight. Yes, I am usually taking a pre-sleep chair-nap by eightish most nights, what can I say?  But maybe this year I’ll nap in the afternoon.  Maybe we’ll go out, trusting all will be safe at home.  Maybe we’ll wear leis and crowns/hats/tiaras and bring home noisemakers.  Or maybe we’ll get to stay home and have popcorn and treats.  Maybe we’ll even drink soda.  After all, it will be New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year everyone!




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