Failing Forward

PersevereHave you ever felt so overwhelmed that you thought you were drowning?  You knew something just had to give, but weren’t sure what.  That’s what happened to me in November. I started off the month strong, fired up to do National Novel Writing Month, closing the family business, selling a house, determined to find new streams of income, and excited for the looming holidays.  And then it hit me like a train; reality.

As the date of our house closing was literally closing in, we needed to decide where we wanted to move and find a dwelling, fast.  Needless to say, NaNoWriMo fell to the wayside.  I still do have big plans for the book; they just don’t involve writing it in 2013.  I don’t think of it as failing, really.  I think of it as a postponing of sorts.  I still have the desire to crank out that shoddy first draft in about 30 days, but maybe in a month or two.

I know some may think of failure as not meeting an intended objective, maybe even thinking of it as the opposite of success.  Not me.  I’m thinking of it as failing forward.  I’m looking at this with my usual cock-eyed optimism.  We’ve found a great new place.  Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of family.  We are generally healthy and happy.  Christmas will be a little different this year, having most of our things boxed up.  But I do hope to find and decorate the tree and do a fair amount of baking.

All in all I guess I’ve learned a few things this November.  I know that I cannot do everything myself.  As much as it pains me to admit, I’m not superhuman and need some help from time to time.  I know that I do not need as much “stuff” as I have, and my downsizing/donating will make someone’s holidays happier.  And most of all, as long as you have a good support team anything is possible.


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