Write the Book You Want to Read

Write the BookThere are a lot of quotes about writing, I mean probably thousands of them.  But recently one jumped out at me from the blog Live to Write – Write to Live.  I think it was Jamie Wallace’s post that contained the phrase “Write the book you want to read”.  I know it’s been similarly quoted and maybe she used this from someone else.  But it really struck a chord in me.

Since it is the middle of November, I am in the midst of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  The goal is 50,000 words in thirty days.  Suffice it to say I’m way behind.  But I have always worked better under pressure (yes, deadlines amuse me!) so I am quite confident I will finish.  I plan on a big push this weekend of about 20,000 words and that will catch me up nicely.

Part of the reason I am lagging is the upheaval in our household with closing a business and selling a house.  There’s a great deal of uncertainty.  For a control freak like me, that can be enough to induce near-insanity.  Bless my husband, the Saint, for not just putting up with all my nonsense, but actually encouraging me through it all.

I’m actually very excited about this year’s book.  It took me a great deal of pondering to come up with the format.  It’s about a friend of mine, so it’s mostly a biography.  But to keep it moving along, and to hold the excitement level, another writer-friend of mine suggested I insert a parallel, fictional, story that gets woven into the “meat” of the book.  (Thanks again, Eric!)  It really was a great deal of planning to get this right.  And if any of you have seen me wandering around seemingly mumbling and staring into space, it’s just my way of trying to work things out.  Walks are usually a sure thing to get my muse going!

So off I go, Stuff Smith’s jazz violin wafting through the house to put me in the writing mood.  Submerged in piles of paper, computer on my lap, Mini Schnauzer wedged between my leg and the arm of the chair, I will write on.  I will make up a story I want to read, nestled amongst the true story of my dear friend.  Some may wonder what is real and what is made up.  I will know.  My friend will know.  Hopefully others just read it because they want to.



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  1. Thanks for sharing my post. So glad that quote hit a chord for you. 🙂


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