Chasing Sun and Fall Colors

Scenic BywayLast night The Hub and I took a drive before dinner.  We went along Skyline Parkway, a local Scenic Byway through Duluth, up to Hawk’s Ridge and Seven Bridges Road.  With camera bag in hand, we set out to chase the sun and capture a few shots of the fall colors before they disappear.


Up The Shore

Last year we had a devastating flood in Duluth that wiped out many roads and bridges.  This part of Seven bridges Road is still being fixed around Amity Creek (yes, I say “crick” when I read/write this) but we were able to get pretty far before it was closed off.  You can see the beautiful colors looking north along Lake Superior.

 Waterfall on Amity Creek

Our adventure didn’t last long, courtesy of earlier sunsets, and we were forced to call it a night and head back for supper.  I decided that if I was up early enough the next day I would try and get some more shots.  Luckily I’m a morning person.

Bridge through Shrubs

Just past 6:30 I rolled one eye at the clock.  Glancing around the room I was able to see that it was still dark out, the sun was yet to rise.  I jumped up and ran for my camera bag, barely taking time to brush my teeth before running out the door.  You know, just in case I had to talk to someone.

Enger Drive

I raced the impending ball of fire across town to get up to Enger Park, the highest point at which you can see everything in the cityUpon reaching the entrance I found the gate not yet open.  The sign said closed from ten at night to six in the morning.  I figured that meant it was open.  I hopped out of the car, flung my camera bag around my shoulder, and took off up the hill, hoping that my car would still be there when I returned.


Brush Turning

As I hurried up the road to the park I couldn’t help but hear a great deal of rustling in the fallen leaves.  I tried to pay more attention to my pounding heart and reassured myself frequently that it was just squirrels.  Duluth is an urban forest where bears, wild cats, and wolves are known to hang out.  I crossed my fingers again that these were just squirrels.


When I got around the corner, the sun was just popping up, absolutely illuminating Enger Tower perfectly.  Some good shots there, then off to the path overlooking the city; breathtaking.  I could see the brush turning colors looking toward the Aerial Lift Bridge in Canal Park and the opposite direction over west Duluth.  There were some flowers trying unsuccessfully to hang on to the last of their petals.

Yellow TreeLeaves on PathThere was an eeriness being up there all alone, or at least without other people.  I felt very aware of every movement around me.  I snapped a few more photos of the naked birch, an empty path, and even looking up into a bright yellow tree before an employee drove up.  I made my way back down the drive,  relieved when my car came into view.

Looking over West Duluth


Rose Garden

Crossing back through downtown I noticed more colors in Leif Erickson Park.  I hiked around a little more, getting a great view of the rose garden in autumn splendor and a good shot of the Lakewalk along Lake Superior.  I wondered why I was getting odd looks form the early morning walkers.  Perhaps it was because even though I brushed my teeth, I forgot to comb my hair.  Oh well, at least I changed out of my pajamas.     

Lakewalk Thru LE


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