Loving Life as a Cable-Cutter

RokuI wrote in a previous post that we were cutting the cable, as in the cable TV package.  I thought I’d give you an update on how that’s been going.  When we first started discussing it last spring, we asked a lot of questions.  My friend Chuck over at the newspaper told me about Roku, a streaming option.  My IT guy (the Hub) checked it out and we bought one.  WE LOVE ROKU!!

One thing that was fun about this new adventure is that no one tells you what channels you have to have.  We get to go through the list of literally hundreds and pick out what we want to have as our channel lineup.  Many of them are free, but we did purchase a subscription to Netflix and use that quite a bit to watch old favorites like Kids in the Hall and Fawlty Towers.  They also have many newer series that we like and great documentaries.  We tried Hulu Plus but didn’t really want to watch anything there that wasn’t already on Netflix so we canceled it before the two week free trial was even up.

Another favorite channel is Slacker Radio.  We’ve been using Slacker on our phones and computers for a long time so I was ecstatic to see it on Roku.  I am able to sync with my computer account, pick favorite songs and artists, and even listen by genre.  Since we have the TV hooked up to the surround sound, who needs a stereo anymore?

A longshot that we have come to love is the Mullet channel.  It’s made up of 80’s and 90’s era concerts.  I think we watched the AC/DC Let There Be Rock concert dozens of times before they switched it out to a newer one.  I’m crossing my fingers they don’t take away my new fave, Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage concert from 1982.  Until they do, I’ll be the one in the rocking chair singing away!

In addition to the streaming options, our antenna picks up ABC, CBS, NBC and we’re lucky to have four local channels of public broadcasting.  We’ve watched numerous documentaries and some really amazing shows.  One channel specializes in cooking and various crafts and another in legislative issues of Minnesota.  We also get The CW, Fox, and a channel called Memorable Entertainment that features great old shows like Gilligan’s Island, The Brady Bunch, Emergency, Bonanza, etc.  So about six or seven more channels than I had growing up!

We canceled our cable on May tenth.  Without wasting time staring at the TV, searching for something I wanted to watch, I find myself reading and writing more, and getting a lot of other things done that I’d been putting off.  Do I regret severing the ties?  Nope.  I’m loving life as a cable-cutter!



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