7 Sensational Activities to Fall For

Untouched Birch

On this morning’s walk I noticed that the leaves are beginning to change in a few trees.  I saw numerous school busses and kids walking with backpacks that looked to equal their own body weight.  Yes, my favorite time of year is upon us, autumn.  Football has just started, they’re advertising the hockey opener, and we can actually turn on the oven again in my free-from-central-air century-old house.  Ah, fall.

I have always listed this as my favorite season, hands down and without a doubt.  So in honor of that, I have compiled a list of activities that I like to do or would like to try.  They may be a little “Up North” specific, but you can extrapolate them to your area with little difficulty, I’m sure.

  1.  Fall color leaf-peep.  This is the perfect time of the year for a trip to the country to check out the multitude of colors and maybe enjoy a picnic.
  2. Many hotels in our area are moving to off-season rates.  What better reason to get in one last getaway to somewhere quiet before the snow flies?  My pick in our neighborhood would be somewhere further north, maybe up to the AmericInn in Roseau, Minnesota.  Up by the Canadian border, the city affords the leisure-seeker many opportunities for meandering and decompressing.  The hotel looks like a great place with all the amenities I would need.  (Mental note, check schedule for getaway!)
  3. Take a drive along some of our Scenic Byways.  It’s kind of like letting someone else do the leg-work to find the best scenery and attractions.  We have plenty in Minnesota, but the website shows all of them, and they’re everywhere!  These routes are great for a short drive or a longer trip with overnight stops.
  4. And speaking of overnight stops, don’t forget about all of the great state and national parks.  Many of them have campgrounds, and what better way to enjoy all of what fall has to offer than sleeping out under the stars?  If camping isn’t your bag, there surely are lodging facilities nearby, or just make it a day trip to the park.  You will love it, either way.
  5. Go for a rock pick.  If you don’t live near the water, you may be scratching your head at this one!  Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved to pick rocks.  I thought maybe it was some sort of isolated, weird habit until three of my sisters-in-law revealed they also shared my infatuation.  On their last visit here we scoured the shores of Lake Superior and found some nice little treasures for them to take home.  Seriously, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!
  6. The Bayfield, Wisconsin Apple Festival.  Taking place this year on October 4th-6th, you’ll find everything imaginable made with apples.   The tiny town of fifteen thousand swells to the seams when 50,000+ converge here for the weekend.    We like to make the sojourn on Sunday for the parade and afterwards walk through over 150 arts and crafts exhibits.   It’s definitely a treat for the taste buds that shouldn’t be missed.
  7. What autumn to-do list would be complete without an Oktoberfest activity?  Here in Duluth we have Oktoberfest coming up in just a few weeks.  Since I am married to a full-blooded German, this is a big deal in my house.  In fact, the first time I attended an Oktoberfest function I found myself in a hotly contested Polka contest.  I swear, you can’t make this stuff up.  But if you are looking for a good time, even if you’re not a dancer or beer (das boot) chugger, check out an Oktoberfest.  I promise you’ll have fun.  Have you ever seen a picture of someone scowling in lederhosen?

So there you have it, my top seven things to do in this, my favorite, fall season.  Do you have other traditions?  Maybe you can start a new one this year.


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