Adding to the Bucket List


At one time or another, everyone in my family has gone to the state fair, some more than once.  Sadly, I on the other hand have never attended.  Oh, it’s not for lack of trying.  Every year I make the same impassioned pleas to go.  Alas, each year passes and I move into September with a feeling of missing out.

Minnesota State Fair 2010

I realize it’s not a big thing, but it’s kind of my bag:  the midway, the barns, the entertainment, and of course the food.  Where else can you find just about everything fried and on a stick?!  It’s like an invitation to be nutritionally naughty.  So that was all it took, the Minnesota State Fair is now on my bucket list.

Corn Dog

I started to do some research and even figured out where I would stay, the Best Western Plus White Bear Country Inn in beautiful White Bear Lake.  They have Rudy’s Redeye Rooftop where I can sip a post-fair “Rudytini”.  If it’s too hot, I can swim in their pool and enjoy my libations indoors.  For less than a hundred dollars I could get a room with a discount coupon for the fair and catch a free shuttle at the mall just down the road.  In fact, I’ve heard a rumor that the historic Cup & Cone has the best soft-serve ice cream around.  Sounds like a challenge to me.

Rudy's Rooftop

I think I’d have to spend two days at the fair, you know, to make sure I see (and taste) it all.  Farm girl that I am, I would like to wander through the barns and look at all the projects people have entered in the competitions.  After a ride or two I’d eat from one end to the other.  Maybe I’d play a couple of games, eat some more, then take in a concert.  I’m sure by the time I got back to the Best Western I would deserve that Rudytini!


It’s been said before, but it bears repeating, I’m a simple person who enjoys simple things.  However, even if you are…fancy, you should look into this vacation idea that has made its way onto my bucket list.  With over two million visitors each year, it’s clearly called the Great Minnesota Get Together for a reason!

State Fair Midway


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