How to Win a Presidential Election

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We already have a negative ad running in northern Minnesota; yes, it has begun, election season.  It’s no surprise that people are speculating who will be in the Presidential candidate pool.  I saw an interview with The Donald and it was an eye-opener.  He said that if he opts to run for President, he is willing to spend whatever it takes to win.  Trump is worth about $10B, yikes.

So, in the spirit of playing nice and on the behalf of all Americans, let me lay out a positive plan to help you win the election.


  • Make a monetary commitment to do good in all 50 states
    • Instead of the attack ads on TV and radio that people hate, or printed mailers that people throw immediately into the trash, invest your funds proportionately amongst the 50 states
  • To discover how to spend that money, make a time commitment in each state of 2-3 weeks
    • Hold town-hall meetings
    • Meet with those who work with the poor and homeless—understand their needs and how you can help them
    • Meet with those in local governments—what are their desperate issues being ignored
    • Meet with the business community—what can you do to help them expand and hire more people
    • Meet with teachers, not administrators, and find out how you can help them—set up some scholarships
    • Meet with medical professionals—how can you increase access to doctors in rural areas
  • Come up with a platform that focuses on the real issues of our country, let’s give the social issues a break just for a while and really fix the economy and the population here
    • Put your platform online and try to maintain an electronic presence that doesn’t waste paper
    • Communicate personally as much as possible instead of passing everything off to staffers
    • Don’t just tell us what you want to do, tell us how you’ll actually accomplish these things and what the realistic timeline would be
  • If you’re using your own money, skip the major parties and run as an Independent.  You’ll have more control over your platform and your actions when you’re not beholden to delegates and social issues.
  • Make a commitment to help stock food banks.  Rather than buying centerpieces for events, use decorative baskets on each table filled with non-perishable food to be donated after the event.  Insert hats, mittens, and scarves in cold-weather states to be donated, too.

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Romney and Obama each spent nearly a billion dollars in 2012—think of what could’ve been accomplished by putting 30-40 million into each state.  Trump could multiply this fivefold.  And a lack of political attack ads; priceless.


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