Fringed and Feathered Friends

Duck at Rest

We had a little excitement today on our morning walk.  As the Schnauzer and I rounded the corner, I spotted a duck resting in the grass.  I pulled the leash in and kept the dog close to me, so as not to frighten our feathered friend.  Then I noticed a neighbor girl, clad in footie pajamas, intently watching the mallard as well.  I thought maybe it was hurt, as it just examined us and waddled around a bit, but after a minute he flew across the street.

Close up

Fritz and I resumed our duty and continued on.  When we had made our loop, coming back to the spot to which the duck had flown for safe haven, I crossed the street so as not to scare it away.  He lay in the cool, damp morning grass, and watched as the traffic passed by.  The neighbor girl had run home, returning on her bike, now clad in helmet and glitter shoes over her footies.  Apparently this duck was quite a draw.

Duck in Flight

I brought the dog back into the house and grabbed my trusty Canon.  For some reason I was almost sneaking back around the corner.  Why I’m not sure, since my two-legged friend was whizzing back and forth, handlebar fringe flying in the breeze, up and down the sidewalk.  Clearly the duck was used to urban noise.  I got a couple of pictures of him resting before he flew across the street to the park.  He really did have beautiful colors and markings.

Duck under Tree

I switched lenses and zoomed-in as he made his way around the tall pines in the park.  Occasionally he would stop and look at me, but he never seemed to be afraid.  After a little while the mallard waddled away, heading for the creek that runs through the park; perhaps looking for his friends.    I made my way back across the street.  My two-legged friend was off.  She was a vision of fringe, flying in the breeze.

Jammy Bikin'


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