Grown-up Tree Houses

Tree TrunkI was on my way to do some research for an article when I discovered luxury tree houses.  No, that’s not the opening for a stand-up routine, it’s true!  I was looking for information on voluntourism and eco resorts—which I found, and they are amazing—but, hey, I am right brained.  I am susceptible to wayward tangents and going waaay off course; frequently.

Hutch on the Beach

What I was really looking into was traveling to far off lands, like the middle of the Indian Ocean.  Instead of a house in a tree, I was interested in a hut on stilts in the water.  These eco resorts are so dependent on tourists to help them maintain their environment, it is quite fascinating.  The tourists are rewarded with free nights in paradise for their efforts, so don’t go feeling all bad for them just yet!  Nonetheless, what a great circle-of-life concept; it is definitely win/win.

Tree House

Anyway, I stumbled on a list of the top ten tree houses.  I know, tree-houses, it’s crazy.  What could be more sustainable or eco friendly than a house nestled into the natural habitat of the woods?  They have one in France that looks like a castle.  That may be a little over the top, but it is very intriguing.  They have one in Sweden that is mirrored and nearly invisible.

Rickety Platform

Not exactly the old scrap boards haphazardly nailed together like we had when I was young.  These tree houses have electricity and water.  One even had a hot tub.  I know, right?  What the heck?!  If we’d have had one with a toilet when I was a kid, I probably never would have gone in the house.

Backyard Treehouse

I guess sometimes it pays to have a hard time staying on task.  How else would I have known about grown-up tree houses?   Now if I could just add on to this hidden one in my back yard…


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