Cutting The Cord–Living Cable-Free

ROKU in HandWe disconnected our cable.  It was not a quick or easy decision, and I admit I was dragging my feet a little at the idea.  But after a ton of research on my husband’s part, and some pretty persuasive tutorials that he gave me, we did it; we cut the cord.  We replaced it with a desk top antenna (AKA rabbit ears) for local HD channels and bought a tiny box called Roku for streaming video channels. The Roku box and remote give us access to over 750 channels and hundreds of thousands of movies/programs, so there is always something on. I felt so hi-tech!

If you’re an old-schooler like me, you’re used to turning on the TV and looking around to see what’s on.   With the Roku box, you select the channels (and therefore the shows) that interest you.  Or if you’re looking for something particular, you can search all available channels for that movie, program, or even a certain actor, virtually having constant on-demand programming.  Holding that remote is like having the whole broadcast world in your hands.  It is really an adjustment to be so in control; and if you know me, you know I like that.

Other benefits of streaming:

  • Some channels are free, some have a small monthly charge (like Netflix or Hulu Plus) or per episode charge (like Amazon)
  • There are free movie channels—probably not the stuff right out of the theatre, but it’s free
  • International news channels as well as local and national
  • Numerous sports channels—many specializing in a particular sport
  • You can connect newer TVs to the computer or tablet and stream channels like YouTube
  • Roku is a one-time purchase of less than $100, not a monthly bill that is constantly rising

It hasn’t taken me long to adjust to cutting the cord.  We watched mostly sports and movies, so it really wasn’t that big of a deal.  It doesn’t hurt that we will save over a thousand dollars a year by eliminating our cable bill.  If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, I encourage you to evaluate your viewing habits.    If you watch a lot of local channels, the big three networks, you might not even notice the difference.  It’s a bold new viewing world out there, and it’s all at your fingertips.


2 responses to this post.

  1. We went Roku about a year ago too, canceling our satellite tv subscription. We miss a few live news and special interest channels, but really not enough to complain (particularly in light of the money saved). We have a small monthly subscription to Netflix and Hulu Plus, and we have additional streaming options through our Amazon Prime membership (which we had prior to purchasing the Roku so not a new cost). I think the Roku is a great option.


  2. […] wrote in a previous post that we were cutting the cable, as in the cable TV package.  I thought I’d give you an update on […]


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