Go Fish!

Go fish


For the first time in over sixty years the largest lakes in Minnesota will not be fishable for the opening day of the fishing season.  Yes, it’s true.  Even with our run of sunny and warm days the last couple weeks, the “candles” in the ice have not come through and broken open the ice.  So this week, as many anglers are contemplating annual pilgrimages “Up North”, they are also pondering what they will do up there.

When you stop and think about the economic impact of this opening fishing weekend on our state, it’s hard to find someone who will not be affected by a lack of open water.  The number of fishing licenses sold is down by over a hundred thousand compared to annual averages.  In economic terms:

  • Local businesses didn’t sell a license and the “extras” that would have gone with it
  • Sales of bait will go down dramatically
  • Restaurant and liquor sales will be down
  • Cabin rental/lodging will be down
  • “Fishing Widows” may cancel or change their annual traditions (craft sales, shopping, girls getaways)
  • All of those businesses will have a reduction in income, leading to a reduction in money available to spend in the state at other establishments…from barbers to restaurants to you name it.

So if you’re debating what you should do this weekend, here are a few things to remember:

  • It’s not just about the fish
  • Think about the traditions and the joy of spending time with your fishing party/family
  • If you were going to your lake home, there are probably still chores to be done
  • If you were going to a cabin/lodge, there’s still plenty to do there
  • There are a lot of smaller lakes and rivers that will be ready for fishing—mix it up and look for a new hot spot!

Most of all think of it this way, spring has finally sprung.  We’ve had a record-breaking long and snowy winter that has finally given up.  Get outside.  Get away.  And if you have the chance, go fish.


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