The Business of Hospitality

Woman JugglerThe other day someone asked me what I did for a living.  This person didn’t know me very well, but still wasn’t really willing to let it go when I said I was in the hospitality industry.    I find that when I meet someone unfamiliar with the hotel business, they want specific examples of how I spend my days.  Huh.  Well, that’s a tough one, since no two days are ever the same.

Working in a management and consulting company, I wear many hats every day.  My husband compares consulting to someone who looks at your watch and then tells you what time it is.  Maybe true, sometimes.  But I prefer to think of it as coaching and helping, just one of the facets of our business.  We work with hotel owners and managers to help them optimize their businesses and run efficiently.  If done correctly, we improve performance, work ourselves out of a job, and hand the reins back to the owner.

Our green certification program, Fresh Air Lodging, is what takes up most of my time.  Since the majority of my work takes place online, my daughter thinks I have the best job ever, updating statuses and tweeting all day.  That’s not really what I’m doing, but I admit I egg her on a little for my own amusement.  As the person in charge of marketing and social media, I do a ton of surfing and even more reading.  Offline I work on creating presentations and promotional pieces.   I assure you, by the end of the day, I cannot wait to turn off my computer!

The part of my job that I like the most is the writing.  Being the right brain of our business, I get a lot of opportunities to be creative in writing articles and posts.  It has even led to some freelance jobs on the side.  I never used to think there was a place in my ‘work life’ for writing, but this has been a welcome expansion.  I even competed in National Novel Writing Month last November, winning the challenge of writing over 50,000 words in less than thirty days.  It was a wonderful caffeine-fueled, sleep-deprived experience that I cannot wait to repeat if my workload allows.

All in all, I still don’t quite know what to say when someone asks what I do for a living.  Consulting?  Green certification and social media?  Writing?  Maybe I’ll just stick to hospitality.





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  2. Have you ever wondered how you could help those who are less fortunate than you?


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