Improving the World, One Blankie at a Time

Quilt for Spring RaffleEach year in March a group of people gather in the middle of the mall in Superior, Wisconsin for a Quilt-A-Thon.  Organized by Home and Community Education (referred to as the Homemakers clubs), women volunteer to come in from neighboring communities to cut, sew, and tie blankets for kids in crisis.  To those who see the story on the news, it most likely looks like a morning and afternoon of talking while working on a hobby.  But below the surface, a great deal of work has already taken place.

Donation Table

In order to have this event be a success, the Homemakers count on the donations of local businesses to gather enough material, thread, and quilt batting to make over a hundred blankets.  Hobby and quilt shops from around the Duluth/Superior area have been extremely generous in the past years with their donations.

Open Quilts

In addition to the tangible goods, we also rely on people giving freely of their time.  We arrive between nine and ten that morning to get everything set up.  People come in with sewing machines and quilting notions, ready to work.  Some even bring in pieces they’ve been working on at home.  In past years we had one workhorse who sewed the majority of the blankets together ahead of time, leaving final stitching and tying to be done on that day.  This year, we had a woman in her 80’s bring in thirty beautiful quilts she made at home over the year.  The generosity of these women never ceases to amaze me!  One comment we received was that something so small as a blanket can make a huge impact on a child who is in the midst of a traumatic time.  Absolutely!

After the 2012 Quilt-A-Thon we were able to distribute 134 blankets.  They went to places like shelters, police and fire departments, hospitals, and the Red Cross.  Even though we give them thank you cards, I hope that all of the businesses that participate understand how much we sincerely appreciate each piece of fabric we receive.  This is a great example of how pulling together a group of partners enables us to make a much larger impact in our community.

Finished 50+


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    How nice, Roxie! Thanks!


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