Organizing Through Ice Cream

Baby Shower Gift BucketSpring cleaning, spring fever, spring forward; I wonder what’s on my mind this week!  Yep, it’s that time of the year and springing forward tomorrow night will bring a welcome extension to our days.  But it also leads to a nesting impulse, the inexplicable need to clean and organize.  So I started looking around my pantry, sigh, and could not help notice the leaning tower of ice cream buckets amassed through a long winter.  Yes, I’m a borderline hoarder.  Yes, we really like ice cream.  So what can a person do with all of these family- sized empties?

  • Round up your kitchen items that typically get misplaced.  Small items like cookie cutters, rarely used utensils, etc. can be stored nicely in a covered bucket.
  • Store dry goods for your pantry; flour, sugar, even pet food will stay fresher longer if you keep it in a closed container.
  • If you’re crafty you probably have small items like pins, beads, paper scraps, etc. in your stash.  What better way to round it all up that an ice cream bucket?  You could even make that into a craft by covering your bucket before loading it up!
  • Got kids?  Then you probably have toys that are not played with all the time, but you’re not quite ready to part with.  Or smaller pieces that can disappear in the bottom of the toy box…can you say Lego?!
  • Do you have a green thumb?  Ice cream buckets are a great place to house spare soil, food, or implements for your plants.  You could even use them to plant starter seeds; just make sure they have adequate drainage in the bottom.
  • You could use them as a garbage can in the car; line with a plastic grocery bag for easy removal.
  • Pack a travel kit for picnics/drive through meals with napkins, utensils, wipes, etc.
  • Keep your golfer stocked up by having extra balls, tees, and sunscreen in a bucket that they can keep in the trunk for reloading their bag as necessary.
  • In your office, round-up writing utensils and spare desk supplies to stow away in a bucket until you need them, clearing out space in drawers.
  • Got a workshop?  These buckets make a great place to store nuts, bolts, and small tools.  And they can be quickly labeled with a permanent marker, nothing fancy needed here.
  • Fill up a care package for gift giving or finals week.  If you can use a scissor you can make one into a gift, no need to buy baskets.

There you have it; be creative and eat more ice cream.  You’ll need some more buckets now for sure.

Keep your student happy with an emergency kit.

Wrap pail in a clean pillow case and keep your student happy with treats.

Trying to contain a small portion of the paint we have collected!

Trying to contain a small portion of the paint we have collected!

Matched materials kept together waiting to be quilted.

Matched materials kept together waiting to be quilted.

**To make the baby shower gift basket above:

  • Place pail on two layers of fabric and trace the diameter of the pail
  • Measure how high the pail is and add a couple of inches
  • Draw a new circle by adding the above amount to the existing circle (you should now have a big doughnut!)
  • Cut out both layers using the larger circle
  • Place one layer inside of the pail, spreading it out evenly and then securing with a rubber band on the outside of the top
  • Set the bucket in the middle of the other piece of material
  • Spread out a little tissue, batting, or filler around the bucket and lift the edges of the material back to the top (this should go over the top of the inside fabric lining)
  • Secure this outer fabric with another rubber band and add a ribbon
  • To make “flowers” wrap Onesies, socks, or wash clothes in a small circle around a dowel and tape the base
  • Use a small piece of floral foam inside the bucket to hold the dowels up



2 responses to this post.

  1. What great ideas! Where do you get the ice cream buckets?


    • Where do I get the ice cream buckets? That’s the best part! We buy the “family size” buckets at the market because they’re cheaper. You just have to have some self-control about portions! =) Although, I have also seen quite a few at rummage sales, too. This weekend I’m sewing up a liner with pockets for more art/sewing supplies. I’ll probably put pictures on when it’s done. Good luck!


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