Turning Valentine’s Day Green

Green ValentineWell, it’s less than a week until Valentine’s Day. Wait, don’t panic! This doesn’t have to strike fear into the unprepared. There are plenty of things you can do in just a little time. This year, how about greening up the holiday? I’ve come up with some ways you can have a more socially responsible Valentine’s Day.

• Make your own card or gift. You don’t have to be a craft wizard! There are plenty of examples on the internet for crafting or upcycling a great gift. And what could be more heart-felt than a card that speaks of personal feelings or mentions private things between the two of you?

• How about a list? It may sound hokey at first, but you could make a list of 101 things you love about your mate. No matter how in love you are, this is not as easy as you may think! But it can be fun, romantic, or playful. And best of all, it’s your own.

• Think back to when you were a child and make a coupon book. It could be elaborate things like a weekend away at their location of choice or simple things like a massage or home-cooked meal. What has your mate enjoyed in the past and not done for a while?

• Honey-do list getting a little long? Why not make that into a gift? Just make sure that those things actually get done!

• Don’t forget the quickest way to someone’s heart—through their stomach. Cook a romantic dinner, use the good dishes, and light some candles. Going out is great, but if you do it right, an intimate dinner for two at home can be a relaxing gift.

• Not known for your culinary skills? Don’t fret, take out is a great alternative. You could pick up the meal and serve it at home. Although that may be a great time to go out on a limb with an easy recipe and really surprise your mate!

• What if you don’t have the time or energy for making your own gift? Shop local. Buy a nice basket or gift box and fill it with items for your loved one. Not sure what to put in? Think about what they like; candles, certain food delicacies that they normally wouldn’t purchase for themselves, lotions, etc. If you go to a smaller local store you’ll likely find unique things that will really be special.

There you have it, green up your holiday by creating, fixing, and shopping small. And best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of green to have a happy Valentine’s Day.


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