Vinegar…The Liquid Superhero!


I read in our paper the other day that there were traces of anti-bacterial chemicals in our bay on Lake Superior.  As terrible as this is, I’m just not ready to jettison all of my cleaning products.  I like to know that my house is clean and sanitized.  So, like any other curious person, I hopped online to do some poking around.  A while back I wrote an article about conquering my fear of cooking with vinegar; but I had no idea that it is a multitasking miracle solution!

You may be thinking I’m crazy at this point; and you may be right!  But I’ve been using it in my laundry to whiten whites for a while now and it works fantastic.  So I know I’m ready to make the most of this natural wonder.  Need some ideas?  How about:

  • Deodorizing and unclogging drains
  • Preventing and eliminating mildew
  • Deodorizing your garbage disposal
  • Clean your coffee pot
  • Clean your dishwasher
  • Bathe your fresh produce to remove chemicals
  • Clean sinks and tubs
  • Whiten grout
  • “Set” colors on new clothes to prevent fading or bleeding
  • Remove and prevent water stains in toilets
  • Remove build-up and shine bathroom fixtures
  • Keep animals out of your garden
  • Get rid of weeds

These are just a few of the 100+ ways that you can use vinegar instead of chemicals.  Do some surfing online (I recommend Reader’s Digest) and you will be absolutely amazed at what you’ll find.  And by all means, don’t fear the vinegar, it’s a liquid superhero!



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