Out With The Old

Stack of DocumentsWell here we are, the last post of the year.  I know a lot of others are posting their resolutions for the next year, but I would rather focus on my top five goals for 2013.

1.  Eat more vegetables—especially local ones.  Recently my husband has perfected his glazed carrot recipe.  Not too sweet, and still having a little “tooth” to them, they are wonderful and have become a regular side dish in our house.  I would like us to expand this part of our diet next year, since I consider myself a flexitarian (limited meat-eater).  And, we have a lot of local options for shopping when it’s growing season; which is good for our economy.

2.  Expand my physical activity.  For the last five years I’ve been a half marathon runner.  When I was younger I used to do a lot of aerobics, and last year I took a belly dancing class.  I really liked both of these options.  I would like to get back into some other kinds of activities; maybe a Zumba class or some kick boxing to add to the running schedule to break up the monotony.

3.  Recruit more volunteers.  There are so many opportunities in our area for this.  One in which I’m particularly involved is our quilt-a-thon.  I belong to a homemakers’ club that puts this on in our local mall.  We get a bunch of basic pieces done ahead of time, then a big group of us sit and sew for hours until we have them done.  Last year we donated over 100 quilts to police/fire departments, shelters, hospitals, and the Red Cross.  If sewing isn’t your bag, there are tons of other options.  I would like to get more people out and involved in the community.

4.  Get something else published.  This year a story I wrote was selected for inclusion in a book about dealing with terminal illness.  I’m in a manuscript club that is working on a book.  God willing and fates aligning, we will publish a book of short stories in 2013.

5.  Get organized.  My stint on the Editorial Board of The Duluth News Tribune is wrapping up just as I step into the role of President Elect for the Douglas County Homemakers.  This will definitely entail much more paperwork and planning!  I need to have a system in place so that I have structure in this group and my other clubs/activities.  Not to mention work.  It’s no secret that mine is the…less-than-tidy desk in the office!  My defense is that it’s because I’m creative.  No one’s buying it.  I need to embrace binders and spread sheets to save my sanity, and spare that of the people around me as well.

Whatever your goals or resolutions are for 2013 I hope you write them down.  It will at least give you a chuckle next winter when you dig out your binder.


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