Free Ornaments! well…almost!

Ornament WorkstationHere’s a great idea for homemade Christmas ornaments.  I saw a picture on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a shot.  I went to my local Menards home improvement store and got ten stir sticks–the long ones for five gallon buckets.  They were free–YAY!  I had my husband cut them into five pieces each and drill a small hole in each of the two upper corners; yes, that is 50 ornaments that you can make in a matter of a couple hours start to finish.

We live in a house that’s over a hundred years old and there are always projects going on.  So that meant we had rolls of wire already.  But if you don’t, it doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive.  You could maybe even use some old hangers if you still have wire ones laying around, or ribbon or floral wire.

You’ll also need some paint.  Again, nothing extravagant.  We have a couple wannabe artists in house, so there’s tubes of paint.  But I also used some old samples we had of wall color.  Hey, use it up, right?!  Just give each one a coat of color and let it dry.  For the ends where the handles were, we painted those white to make snowmen.

A Quick Dry

After the coat of paint was dry, I used a paint pen and wrote different words on the ornaments.  Pretty standard stuff!  After that was dried, I put the wire through the ends and gave it a twist with the needle-nose pliers.  Yeah, high tech!


Here is how we painted the snowman.  The top was black with a small red line for his hat.  Then just dots and a triangle, yes, easy peasy is sometimes best!  An old piece of yarn with a dab of glitter glue for a scarf and just one hole in the top (center) for the hanger.  I used narrow ribbon and tied a knot at the end.

Faith Ornament

Ornaments on Tree

Well, what are you waiting for?  Go get your supplies and have a wonderful, homemade, and recycled holiday!


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