The Top 5 Ways to Green Your Holidays

Homemade Christmas

Here it is, hours away from December.  So in honor of this wonderful time of the year, here are five ways to have a more socially responsible holiday season.

1.  Swap your lights

If you’re replacing lights on your Christmas tree or for your outdoor decorations, switch over to LED lights.  They’re brighter, cheaper in the long run, and use less energy.

2.  Use a timer

We recently installed a timer on our outdoor lights.  It’s the best three dollars we’ve spent in a long time!  No more worrying about whether or not we remembered to shut them off, they do it themselves.  And you can always override it if you want them on for a special occasion.

3.  Smart disposal of your tree

If you have a real Christmas tree, make sure that you don’t just toss it out.  Once it’s done and served it’s purpose, bring it to a location where they have tree disposal that involves chopping or mulching it.  It will live on in service!

4.  Make a donation

This is a very difficult time of the year for many families.  Whether they don’t have enough to buy gifts or to have a special holiday dinner, a lot of people rely on a little help to get by.  If you are able, drop off a new toy, some unused coats, or non-perishable food items to a local donation site.  One small gesture could make someone’s holiday season a whole lot brighter.

5.  Upcycle some decorations

The picture posted here is a tree skirt, decoration, and Christmas stockings that were made out of scraps of material.  That was back in the 90’s; now we have Pinterest.  There is a never-ending supply of ideas for making your own ornaments, decorations, cards, etc.  Give it a shot, it’s very satisfying!

 Most of all, have an enjoyable holiday season filled with family and friends!


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