Shop Small For Big Meaning

It’s almost Black Friday.  Those two words can strike fear or excitement into the hearts of many.  But a recent conversation with my mother got me thinking about some family that are really having a tough time this year.  Most of us have been there; wolf at the door, wondering how the ends could really ever meet.  What would they be thinking about Black Friday?  “Big Deal”, I hope.

In the grand scheme of things, somehow the holidays have been transformed into more-is-best.  Gone are the days when  you gave a person one gift.  One nice gift that was filled with thought and actually had meaning behind it.  Remember those days?  I do; and I miss them.  So this year, I will go out the day after Thanksgiving, but not so much to race for “stuff”.  I will go out to spend time with my daughters, hoping that my desire for the return of simpler times rub off on them.

Where will I go to actually purchase my gifts this year?  I will go to small shops in my neighborhood.  We have some amazing little stores filled with potential for finding the perfect gift for each person on my list.  Our hardware store is right out of the 50’s I swear!  I could spend hours in there just milling around the myriad of things you’d never see in a big box home improvement store.  And these shops all come with friendly staff members that love to show you what “just came in”.

So even though I will be out and about on Friday, it’ll not be for filling a cart and wrestling to get to the checkouts.  We’ll look around, do a lot of people watching, and probably go out to eat.  The real purchasing will take place on Small Business Saturday.  I hope you’ll join me and Shop Small.

Happy Thanksgiving!!




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