Falling Back to Reality

Here it is, time to fall back for another year.  I will be happy to see the morning light come earlier, but I sure don’t like how early it gets dark.  My mom used to joke that northern winters made you feel like you worked in a mine, it’s dark when you go in and dark when you go out.  I certainly would have to agree. But there are a couple benefits to having this twice yearly occasion; it’s a good reminder to do a few things around the house.

The first thing that usually pops into people’s mind is changing batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  That is a fine idea, for sure.  My husband wanted to know why we couldn’t just change them when the unit started beeping.  I said I suppose it’s because people may remove the battery to stop the chirping, but then forget to replace it.  Or maybe someone took out a battery to give life to a toy for an inconsolable child and left the smoke detector disabled.  All those possibilities and more are out there, so it’s a good rule of thumb to install new batteries and do a test on all of the smoke detectors in your house when you fall back and spring forward.  While you’re at it, why not fish out all the flashlights from that junk drawer.  Give them a test and see if the batteries are working.  You never know when your power will go out.

The other thing you should do a couple times a year is flip mattresses.  It used to be a lot more complicated, before the pillow-tops became a standard.  Those standard mattresses need to be flipped four different ways, front to back and side to side.  The pillow-tops just get rotated, top to bottom.  If you’re wondering why someone should go to such trouble, it helps to extend the life of your mattress and make it wear more evenly.  Good for the mattress and good for your back!

So before you go to bed on Saturday night, make sure you set your clocks back an hour.  And don’t forget a stop at the store for batteries on your way home, you know, before it gets too dark.


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