56 Shades of Social Responsibility**

When is green more than a color?  When it’s part of social responsibility, of course.  It wasn’t long ago that we only focused on simple things such as can recycling and light bulbs when it came to being green; nowadays that is not enough.  People are looking beyond easy for ways to affect real change.  Recycling has blossomed beyond just separating out paper from other trash.  Most cities have massive recycling centers, and many locations have bins for recycling that don’t even need to be sorted.  That sure makes it easier for people to do the right thing.

But what happens when we move past recycling into the realm of social responsibility?  How about food recycling programs!  As the number of shelters and food shelves increase, it is more important than ever to have a plan to dispose of food waste.  Edible food surpluses can often times be donated to help feed those in need.  If you have extra food that needs disposal, but it may not be fit for human consumption and you’re not quite ready for a compost pile, you could pass it on to farms for livestock feeding.  And don’t forget to buy from those farms and local growers, you’re helping your local economy and it’s probably fresher.

What else can you do to be more socially responsible?

  • When replacing furniture and soft-goods, consider donating your outgoing pieces
  • Use no odor/low VOC paint
  • Dispose of hazardous waste such as fluorescent bulbs through licensed vendors
  • Use organic or recycled products for landscaping
  • Utilize environmentally-friendly cleaning and laundry products, avoiding aerosol cans whenever possible

And my favorite thing about social responsibility; bikes!  Hotels are rapidly embracing bicycle-loaning programs.  Cities and states are swiftly expanding bike paths, making year-round commuting and recreational biking very mainstream in many places.  City buses have been fitted with special bike racks in Duluth, MN, which makes tackling “The Hill” a little easier for a beginner.  So no matter what your level of ability, how often you hop on, or what distance you go, every mile you pedal on a bike is one less mile traveled by gas-powered transportation.  And that is always responsible.

**56 Shades of Social Responsibility is in reference to the number of options listed on the Fresh Air Lodging Membership Application.   A minimum of 15 items is required for acceptance in our green certification program, and the number of green practices continues to expand.

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  2. A new product now in Israel has containers disintegrating in a compost pile. An Israeli mother got tired of telling her children to bring back home their recyclable apple juice and milk containers and decided with her engineer boyfried to create a “compostable” new product. Some cartons can be eaten living no residue whatsoever.


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