The Business of Business

There are certain times in everyone’s life that they will always remember.  For our new business we had one of those momentous occasions this week.  We received a call from a nationwide television show hosted by a very famous person.  I’m not going to reveal the person, but let’s just say you know who it is and he wears suspenders.

We were approached to do a segment on this particular show because of our business, Fresh Air Lodging.  It would have been a huge deal for us.  I’m talking going-to-prom-with-the-captain-of- the-football-team huge.  We did a quick interview on the phone; we discussed what the program is, who benefits from participating, and other specifics.  Everyone agreed that our program was a good fit for this show.  And that is when the rug was pulled out from under us.  It turns out there are huge production costs that we would incur to do the show.  That translated into tens of thousands of reasons why we couldn’t do it.

We started to get a little bummed out.  It would’ve been the perfect place for us to strut our proverbial stuff.  We could’ve gotten the attention to the program that it deserves.  We would have rocked that show.  But now the option was gone.  No more date for the prom.

After a small mental pity party, I returned to the office and went back to the business of business.  Thoughts of what-could-have-been swirled in my head, not to be spoken aloud.  We did say things to each other like what an honor it was just to be asked; but it was of little comfort.  And then the phone rang.  Someone calling from Ohio said they wanted to interview us for a nationwide newsletter.  They wanted info, pictures, logos, the whole shebang.  The clouds lifted, the sun shone, and I danced after all.


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