Duluth’s Flood of the Century

Many of you may have heard about the recent flooding in our city, Duluth, Minnesota.  If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not be able to wrap my head around what happened.  We are a city on a fairly steep hill on the shores of Lake Superior.  We are used to water, but nothing like this.  Here are a few pictures I took the day after the flood–yes, the water had started to subside by this time. 


This is Regent Street at about 42nd Avenue East in Lakeside.  This was a road and a yard.  Now it is a huge sinkhole.  Just one of many Duluth will have to repair.  There was a tiny creek that ran along side and under this road.  It turned into a lake in Washington Square Park.

This is the Lester River that feeds into Lake Superior.  On a typical day you see mostly large boulders and clear, shallow water when you look over the rail of this bridge.  The powerful current of the clay-filled water was sweeping trees from the shoreline out into the lake.

This is a street near the University of Minnesota Duluth.  People were kayaking down the main drag to get in and out of their homes.

Thanks to the quick action of the staff here, most of the vehicles from this car dealership were saved.  This would be the neighborhood typically considered “Up On the hill”, not where you would expect to find extreme flooding. 

Now we are left to fix what is broken.  The totals are already over $100 Million for streets and infrastructure alone.  But we will rebuild.  We will come together as a community and help our neighbors.  The loss of countless personal effects and a dozen zoo animals is a tragedy.  But thankfully we got out alive.  Duluth, land of the Fresh Air, is still open for business.


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