Embracing My Right Brain

Work area in the North Office

When I was growing up and in my early working years, I always wanted to be thought of as a left-brainer.  You know, one of those logical, pragmatic people that others seek out for input.  Now that I’m older, I am embracing my right-brain personality.  I have thrown caution to the wind, and even been called silly a time or two.  I have finally discovered who I really am, what fuels me, and how I function best.  My extremely left-brained husband often just looks at me and scratches his head.  It’s hard for him to understand that I think and learn in a different way than he does.  Since he’s my boss, I’m lucky that he is patient and has given me the space I need to get my work done.

Some people give me a hard time about my schedule.  Our business, Fresh Air Lodging, is run out of an office in our home.  This can be a blessing and a curse.  There are days that I am just not feeling the marketing and social media vibe, which is bad since that’s my job.  But then there are other times when I am pretty sure I am an online marketing rock star who cannot be controlled by something as absurd as a clock, even though it’s nearing midnight.  I do not have the capability to just shut down my brain because it’s not during normal business hours.  Who decided what was normal?  I do some of my best work at 7:00 AM in my jams and fuzzy slippers.

Thankfully Fresh Air Lodging embraces the philosophy of work/life flex-time scheduling.  I know that if I am “just not feelin’ it” that day, it’s a waste of my time and the company’s to sit at my desk and stare out the window.  But if I have a creativity break through at eight in the evening while watching TV, I’m going to walk back through that office door and get clicking on the keyboard.  In fact, most of my work is done away from my desk with the use of my smart phone, trusty Acer tablet or old fashioned legal pad.  I guess that is the curse of the imaginative.

When those moments of brain freeze occur, and they definitely occur, I turn to my favorite muse—outside.  Wednesday, as I grappled with a topic for this week’s blog post, I stepped out to ‘The North Office’, also known as the backyard swing.  It didn’t take long before I had removed my hoodie, shoes, and socks and stretched out to feel the sun on my face.  I looked up at the top of a big tree and contemplated the complete lack of clouds in the sky.  I could hear the birds and the children at the park across the street.  Even the light traffic was less annoying in the bright afternoon sun.  I grabbed my ever-present notepad and began to scribble.  I write as fast as I can, trying to keep up with all of the things swirling through my head.  Spelling, grammar, legibility, all out the window.  The theory here is get as much down as possible before you lose the speeding train of thought.  After all, another idea is just down the track.

It may have taken me a few decades, but I have come to terms with the fact that I am right-brained.  I have a million inspirations constantly swirling in my head, though most will never come to fruition.  I know that my place is not at a desk in a sterile cubicle.  It is nestled amongst my piles in my office, looking out the window at the birds making a nest in a tree two feet away.  It is relaxing on my patio swing, or improving my golf swing.  I am not to be confined by conventional schedules.  I am easily distracted, and I love that.  But because of work/life flex-time, I am productive and I love my job.  Oh look, Jeopardy’s on!


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