Central MN Summer

Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I cannot wait until summer.  Our seasons have been kind of jumbled together lately up here in northern Minnesota.  We had spring-like weather in January, summery temps in early March, and now we’re back to almost freezing as Easter approaches.  Don’t get me wrong, I despise heat.  And when I say heat I’m talking about over ninety, never-stop-sweating-for-days heat.  That is what we got five years ago when we got married.

I remember that week like it was yesterday.  Mike and I were planning on a beautiful wedding at Breezy Point Resort on Pelican Lake in central MN.  But as the date approached, the forecast made it clear we were in for a doozy!  Thankfully we were not having a traditional wedding with formal attire and a large guest list.  Since we had both been married before, we opted for a very laid-back ceremony with casual attire on the beach.  Our small group of friends and family huddled under the big tree for shade as the temperature soared over a hundred degrees.  I dug my bare feet into the coolness of the damp sand for some relief.  My poor daughter was nine months pregnant and miserable; but she was a trooper!

After the ceremony and a few pictures we rode off for a newlywed golf scramble on the beautiful golf course of Breezy Point Resort.   They have two courses there, but I think we were on Whitebirch.  With the weather as hot as it was, we kept the beverage cart girl quite busy!  That was probably the craziest day of golf I’ve ever played.  We had a large group and there was plenty of laughter as we went along.

When we were done golfing it was a quick jaunt back to the large houses we had rented just off the course.  Since Mike and I both love to cook we prepared the meal ourselves.  The houses even had gas grills and nice patios that saved us from the direct sun and extreme heat.  It was great to just hang out and celebrate with everyone in a very laid-back setting.  Of course you have to have some music at a wedding.  So, later that evening we wandered down to the resort’s watering hole for a little revelry with Elvis!  Now how many people can say that on their wedding day they hung their ‘Just Married’ sign on a golf cart and danced the night away with The King?

Five years later here I am, anticipating summer.  Am I crazy?  Maybe I should sit back and enjoy watching the tulips and daffodils pop up.  Or maybe I should go play some golf and practice my putting.  Either way, I really hope we get to go back to Breezy Point Resort soon.  I miss Elvis.


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