Got Rags?

I revealed in a previous post that I am cheap.  Not frugal or cost-conscious, just plain old cheap.  I was the same way when I worked in the hotel business.  When we got new orders of sheets or towels in, my staff and I would try to find ways to reuse the old goods.  Towels were pretty easy; you could never have too many rags.  Sheets were a different story.  The linen of the sheets didn’t make very good rags.  Some were wearing out, some had stains, what were we going to do with them?

Nowadays I find that we throw very little away.    Thankfully my husband is a very patient man who understands my hoarding mentality when it comes to “projects”.  It sometimes takes me a while to get to things, but I’m usually pretty good at finding reasons to hang on to things! I would love to share some ideas for upcycling your old castoffs.

  • Old sheets tear easily into strips that make great rugs
  • Old T-shirts can be cut into strips, stretched, and rolled into balls for crochet projects
  • Old clothing can be made into pieces for quilting
  • Old towels can be used as filling for quilts or baby bibs/feeding cloths
  • Church quilting ladies or Homemaker clubs usually take donations to make blankets that they can donate to Red Cross or other disaster agencies
  • Animal shelters love old blankets and sheets for the animals
  • Old sweaters make great mittens
  • Left-over corks slice fairly easy and can be cut/decorated to make lightweight earrings
  • Old work pants make great lining for bags and purses

I hope that this will encourage you to upcycle some of your old leftovers.  I used to feel bad throwing away clothing that was beyond the minimum standards for donating.  Now I just buy more storage bins!  And if you’re not a crafty person, the odds are that you won’t have to look very far to find someone who will gladly take those items off your hands.  Happy upcycling!

Rug made from two contrasting flat sheets.  Plenty left for more!


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